From this variety of pellets and various market prices its normal to ask what is the real price of pellets in 2016? On the Bulgarian market there are mainly wood and sunflower pellets. Prices for wood pellets range from 280 Levs to 370 Levs incl. VAT pellet Class A1 (Top quality pellets) and  250 lev – 270 lev pellet from sunflower.

How the price of pellet is formed?

The quality of the pellet

The first factor in the formation of the cost is the quality of the pellet. This depends on the type of raw material used. It can be clean / round wood or waste processed, agricultural biomass such as straw, sunflower launches and more.

Качествени пелети

The difference between poor and good quality pellets.

VESTA recommends: Do not be fooled solely on price. There is no way quality pellets cost less than 330 lev per tonne. When the pellets consist only from quality materials without lids and debris, it’s the best price you can find for pellet class A1.

The packaging of the pellets.

The second factor is the packaging. Most often, the pellets are packed in polyethylene bags of 15 kg., And then stacked on pallets. Pallets themselves are covered with foil – thus transport is safer. The final price of pellets is always included and the cost of bags and pallet film – usually about 20 lev price per ton of pellets.

Transport and delivery of the pellets

Third is the logistics or how to organize the supply of pellets from the factory where they are produced to the end customer. Usually this price range of around 25-30 lev per ton of pellets. It is very important to mention that the closer you are to the respective factory, the lower is the cost. There are distributors who offer free shipping, but it is a marketing gimmick because the cost of supply of pellets is calculated in the final amount you pay per tonne of pellets.

Price of pellets depending on time of delivery?

For the final customer it may seem strange but depending on when you request a supply of pellets the prices vary. Manufacturers of pellets allow a lower cost in the summer because the costs for the production of pellets are somewhat lower. Summer season is considered the period from the beginning of May until the end of August and the winter season (when the price is higher) is considered the beginning of September to the end of April.

Vesta recommends: Plan Your purchase of pellets during the summer – then the price will be much better for you.

Price of pellets in 2016 from Vesta.

In 2016 Vesta offers some of the most competitive prices for pellets Class A1 (highest quality pellets). Prices are determined based on the amount you purchase. Price of pellets up to 1 ton – 360 lev – this price is higher, but there is hardly any customer who orders that amount. Here the idea is if you want to test our pellets and want to order a few sacks to see how our pellets cope. Price of pellets up to 4 tons – 349.99 lev – it’s a competitive market price for that grade pellets. For comparison, in the same class currently pellets marketed at prices around 365-370 lev Price of pellets over four tons – 329.99 lev – this is perfect optimization of price to quality ratio. We are sure that there is no way you can find this quality of pellets at lower prices. The reason to this is that we know very well what is the cost per ton of pellets with those characteristics. Vesta holds very much on quality and this will be the last thing which we will compromise.